The NIFAST mission is to broadly increase fire safety awareness, reduce the risk and number of fires, and thereby reduce loss of life, injury, and property damage through education. We hope to advance this mission through education, training, inspections, and standards development and promulgation.

NIFAST is a company built by fire safety professionals along with providers of commercial life and fire safety services that have decades or fire safety experience. NIFAST was developed to fill the void in the residential and college environments in existing standards, regulations and codes to reduce the loss of life. NIFAST is a for-profit venture, which allows us to take our best practices to deliver a product that is easily transferred to the non-profit sector.

How NIFAST Got Started

Since its inception in 2007, NIFAST is growing at a rapid pace. As providers of commercial life and fire safety services, our growing demands and requests in the residential community, and our affiliation with a nationwide chain of home inspectors, we felt that a group needed to be developed that would have the capability to deliver life and fire safety training to a wide range of people.

Our organization understands that there are many providers of innovative fire safety education tools. We do not claim to be code writers or the legal authority or the fire department (although we are qualified to comment on code). Most of our staff are fire safety professionals. Collectively, as a group, we are members of

  • USFA
  • CCFS
  • InterNACHI
  • And many other organizations that share a similar mission.

What makes us different is the core foundation of “why” we are capable of initiating our offering: we have experience and expertise in DELIVERING life and fire safety training and services that are fast, efficient and scalable. Our programs exist to support the things that most fire safety officials cannot provide (speed of delivery, outreach, and relevance) Someone has to go out into the community and DO the work. NIFAST DOES THE WORK!

The NIFAST program is gaining interest at the state and national level as well. We are currently presenting our programs to the Governor’s office, and to federal agencies and university officials. Our experience and understanding o f legislative trends gives us a strong confidence that more, not less, stringent requirements are on the way. There is a positive movement going on that suggests changes need to be made with fire safety, and at NIFAST, we hope to do our part to help make it successful.

Behind the Scenes

Our group of senior fire safety officials are available at anytime to answer questions, discuss topics, engage in forums, or present to your group of key stakeholders. Education is the key to our messaging.

Our Team:

President: Steve Smith

Executive Assistant: Heather Almendinger

Director of Education and Certification: Terry Flanagan

Legal and Authority: David Speaker

Program Development: Online course and test: Shawn Rech

Partners of Interest:

President, ABCO Fire Protection, Inc.: Bob Titmas

Founder, Live Safe: Jill Marcinick

Program Development: Marketing: Megan James

Associations: Home inspectors and campus: Doug Benns
Doug Benns@am2connect@sbcglobal.net

Learn more about our team out on the NIFAST blog. Please connect with us!



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