NIFAST's FLASHPOINT program is now available to train the student body at Universities across the country on how to live fire safe. The FLASHPOINT program is designed to teach students fire safe living both on and off campus, provides specific information for on-campus living with the ability to customize information from each University, gives the University measurable results for the group completing the program through a series of benchmark/indicators, captures an electronic signature from the students providing the University documentation that student was trained in fire safety, the program is repeatable from year to year with the incoming students on campus and will be a great tool for the university to reduce the number of fires that occur in both the on and off campus settings. As mentioned in the Conclusion of the Home Land Security (FEMA) two year study of University Housing fires, "Providing students with Fire Safety education upon their arrival to the university may help increase awareness and prevent fires." This message from FEMA follows NIFAST, "Knowledge + Preparation = SAFER LIVES". NIFAST sees the implementation of a college fire safety Program like the FLASHPOINT program as a plus for Universities to include in the annual fire safety report specified in the Higher Education Opportunity Act. Using a program like Flashpoint shows in the annual fire safety report that the University does have a college fire safety program and more specifically one that confirms mastery for the student.


  • Provides a comprehensive fire safety curriculum on-line
  • The program is self paced for each student
  • Follows up with a 50 question random test from a test bank of 350 questions
  • Provides instructional feedback through targeted remediation for each test question (if the student misses a question a learning lesson is generated on the screen)
  • Students can re-take the test until mastery is confirmed
  • Confirms Mastery to the Students after completion with certificate
  • Provides the University electronic data for the student body with electronic signature
  • Provides the University backend live data for everyone completing the program
  • Web-based software that communicates with the Universities front end programs.
  • Totally customizable with specific University information for each residence hall
  • Creates a safer living environment for students both on/off campus
  • Provides the University a layer of liability by having documented training

Designed for easy repeatable use for the university, the FLASHPOINT program does not require
  • Live teaching
  • Classroom facilities
  • The purchase of books or written materials
  • Additional computer space on enrollee or Universities server

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