How Colleges Benefit

  Colleges that offer, encourage, or advocate NIFAST safety training courses and encourage conformity with NIFAST fire safe property standards reduce their exposure to fire risks. With NIFAST’s programs, colleges can prove that students were tested, because a record is created for each exam. The number of students who take the test is known, their identities are known, their scores are known, and time frames are known. NIFAST can provide evidence that a particular student took the test, and evidence of what cross section of the student body is taking the test. For every student the college can prove took the test, the college is taking steps to ensure a fire safe college environment.

Implementing the NIFAST FLASHPOINT program enables colleges to demonstrate that they are very proactive in educating students about fire safety. Every proactive step / action the university takes to enhance fire safety diminishes the prospect of negligence liability for fire loss or death. But, not training students could increase the risk of a fire or leave them unprepared to safely evacuate and survive a fire. Without proper training of students in fire safety education opens the University up to litigation if an event were to occur and students suffered property damage, injuries or the unthinkable loss of life.

The benefits are as simple as the following:

  • Increased fire safety profile on campus through educating the student body upon arrival to the University
  • Repeatable program from group to group.
  • Low cost no strain program on the University for fire Safety Education
  • Documented confirmed mastery for the population completing the program
  • Decrease fire related instances both on and off campus
  • Benchmarks to understand the level on knowledge your students have in fire safety
  • A documented program to include in your annual Higher Education Opportunity Act (Public Law 110-315) annual fire safety report
  • An added layer of liability if in the event of an incident, by having documentation you have trained your student body.
  • Gives you the ability to deliver University Specific information to the students in a way that is documented



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