How the NIFAST Course and Test Work

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  Step 1 — Self-Paced Instruction: Students read NIFAST’s instructional content at their own pace. The curriculum is accessed and studied online (including viewing selected video content). Time commitment is limited, but varies depending on each student’s circumstances.

Step 2 — Online Assessment: Students create an account and take the assessment (test). Incorrect answers generate an auto-explanation of correct procedures in text or video form. The auto-correction feedback permits immediate and reinforced learning, and sets the stage for mastery of the subject.

Step 3 — Grade Assessment & Additional Reading: The program provides instant results. Upon exam completion, students are notified immediately if they passed. If they did not pass, students are directed back to the beginning of the program to review the curriculum again.

Step 4 — Recognize Success: When students ultimately pass the exam, the program generates a customized “Course Completion Certificate” for immediate download.

Step 5 — Deliver Test Results: NIFAST will make all data available at any time, in any form necessary to enable program sponsors, like universities, to confirm who has achieved certification, thus enabling the tracking of overall progress.

Adjusting Curriculum Based on Item Analysis -- The program tracks everything, including which areas appear to be common weaknesses across the entire student body. NIFAST is able to use this information to reinforce certain sections of the course material to improve test results in these areas.

The Result: Verified Mastery of Fire Safety Skills -- By the time test takers have earned their NIFAST certification, they will have:
  • Read and viewed fire safety materials designed specifically for their living environments.
  • Completed an assessment and confirmed mastery of these life-saving skills and procedures.
  • The college has now delivered KNOWLEDGE - students’ #1 survival tool.

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