The Need for Training

  According to the U.S. Administration's report on University Housing Fires, from 2005 to 2007 an estimated 3,800 fires occurred annually in university housing in the United States. These fires resulted in an average of 5 deaths per year, 50 injuries and $26 million in property loss. At NIFAST we think these numbers are preventable through knowledge and preparation to first prevent a fire and second to survive the fire if one should occur.

Sadly, because poor planning, lack of fire safety training and alcohol, many college students have lost their lives in dormitory and off campus fires that could have been prevented. In over 50% of college fire fatalities, alcohol is cited a as contributing factor. Knowledge and training is the key to preventing students from becoming statistics.

College is very exciting for college students, and for most it is the first extended time spent away from the safety and security of home and family. With minimal or no supervision, students are governing themselves for the first time, face many new experiences, and have a lot on their mind. It’s no big surprise that fire and burn safety doesn’t get much attention. But, the knowledge and training necessary to fire and burn safety is essential, and is now readily available and easy to acquire.

For the first time NIFAST presents a simple, common sense approach that teaches students in-depth fire and burn safety through an easy-to-use, self-paced online presentation, coupled with feedback oriented testing and certification. Course materials are provided online where students can read and review at their own pace. The course is interactive – you can ask questions and receive answers or clarification as you read each section. Testing, scientific answer compilation, and appropriate feedback to the student ensures a thorough understanding of the material.

The results of the FLASHPOINT Program are pretty simple with increased fire safety awareness, lowering the risk of fire related instances both on and off campus and a commitment in your annual fire safety report on what you are doing to provide a fire safety education to your student body. If you are still debating on viewing a demo of the FLASHPOINT Program ask yourself the following questions:

Are you providing the best possible solution to fire safety education at your University for your students in Fire Safety? Is your current program just "doing the job" or is it a cumbersome method to train the masses at your University? Do your programs have measureable results making sure your student body understands the current information you are providing for them and documentation of confirmed mastery? Will your current programs deliver the information the students need to first prevent a fire and then survive a fire if one should occur? Does your program capture the signature from the student to show you have trained them in fire safety education? Are you looking for something new, something better and something to include in your annual fire safety report in the Higher Education Opportunity ACT (Public law 110-315)? This is a real opportunity for a solution to a well needed fire safety education program in the college environment, if you answered yes to any of the above questions please click on the link below for a live demonstration of our FLASHPOINT program. Thank you and we look forward to your students living a safer life.

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