Is your home fire safe?

Is your home up-to-date on fire and safety codes? Don't become a statistic!

Of all fire fatalities, 81% occur in a residential setting. Sadly, because of apathy, poor planning, and lack of training, many have lost their lives in residential fires that could have been prevented. Knowledge and training is the key to preventing individuals from becoming statistics.

With life’s hectic pace today, it’s no surprise that fire and burn safety precautions are overlooked. Everyone is plenty busy, with little time to devote to safety activities. Yet, the knowledge and fire safety training necessary to increase your family’s fire safety profile is essential, and education is key to fire safety. Children learn at a young age, typically in a playground setting, about Sparky the Dog and/or Smokey the Bear. Evacuation procedures, safe kitchen grease fire techniques, and basic smoke inhalation issues are never addressed. The knowledge and training obtained through NIFAST’s homeowners’ program is now readily available and easy to acquire for busy families – especially those with children. The time is now to educate your household and prepare.

For the first time NIFAST presents a simple, common sense approach that teaches in-depth residential fire and burn safety through an easy-to-use, self-paced online presentation, coupled with feedback oriented testing and certification. Course materials are provided online where individuals can read and review at their own pace. The course is interactive – you can ask questions and receive answers or clarification as you read each section. Testing for adults and children, scientific answer compilation, and appropriate feedback to each test taker ensures a thorough understanding of the material.

The result is increased safety awareness, lower risk of fire-related injury, and fewer fire fatalities. Utilizing this program demonstrates your commitment to your family’s safety, and your own! Now you have the tools to educate your family, and help prevent needless tragedy.

Course Objectives

  • Increase families’ fire safety awareness through an effective web-based training program.
  • Teach parents, children, and other occupants of residential dwellings how to prevent fires and fire related injuries, and create a fire safe environment.
  • Enable families and other occupants to effectively create and use a fire plan.
  • Teach individuals to react correctly when a fire occurs.
  • Enable proficiency in inspecting available fire safety equipment.
  • End results: survival.

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