Sign up to become NIFAST CERTIFIED
Congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming a NIFAST certified home inspector. This important service offering is just another way for you to market your business and increase your revenue, but more importantly, provide knowledge and education regarding fire safety. Here are the procedures you will need to follow to sign up for our program:
  1. Click here to complete payment through our online safety store.
  2. Receive email confirmation of payment for course and test materials. This email will include a direct link to the NIFAST course and test.
  3. All homes that you inspect have an improved fire safety profile.
  4. Study the course materials and take the test.
  5. Upon successful completion of the test, you will be notified of shipment date of your NIFAST marketing and tool kit.

The Home Inspector Affiliate Program through the NIFAST Safety Store
Once you become fully certified, the opportunity to increase your book of business, and gain revenues through the various avenues within NIFAST are unlimited. Whether it is providing a valuable service like a home fire safety inspection, marketing the NIFAST online test to new users, or recommending leading edge products from our safety store, you will be increasing your business value through NIFAST’s programming.

The NIFAST safety store is hosted by Volusion, and is constantly updated to highlight new products available to home occupants, and certified NIFAST members. Certified NIFAST members can become affiliates through our store by receiving credits (in gift card format) towards future stock purchases.

Upon completion of the steps below, you will be assigned your own Volusion URL link. By allowing your home occupants access to this link when ordering products or taking the NIFAST test, it will redirect visitors to your section of the Volusion store and will record all sales and click-throughs under your affiliate account. All NIFAST members will want to copy their personal URL and embed this hypertext link on any marketing materials, emails/online tags, etc…

Here are the easy steps to becoming a NIFST Safety Store affiliate:

  1. Near the bottom of the NIFAST safety store, members can click on the Become and Affiliate link.
  2. Following this, existing members will have to log into their NIFAST store account in order to complete the sign up process using your log-in and password you created. If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one now.

Home Inspector Certification

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