The Need for Training - Why Now?
In the United States 81% of fire related deaths occur in residences. Residential property loss from fire in 2007 was a staggering $7,546,000,000. Over 120,000 people are hospitalized with burn injuries every year. Over 12,000 die from burn injuries annually. The list of statistics goes on.

More statistics and data…

In addition, our friends at the fire departments are not staffed, and do not have the budgets to perform home fire safety inspections, nor is that their mission. To fill this void in fire prevention and safety, our NIFAST certification course focuses on the steps and mechanics of conducting a thorough home fire safety inspection, and the use of NIFAST’s R1 Fire Safety Guidelines. The course also teaches home inspectors what homeowners and occupants can and should do on their own to enhance their fire safety profile. The course prepares inspectors to provide occupants and owners with competent on- site recommendations.

Course Objectives
  1. To educate and train home inspectors in home fire safety inspection requirements.
  2. To enable home inspectors to identify potential fire safety problems and risks in a home.
  3. To certify home inspectors as trained in conducting premium fire safety inspections.
  4. To ensure every home’s fire safety profile is improved
  5. Upon successful completion of the test, you will be notified of shipment date of your NIFAST marketing and tool kit.

Home Inspection

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