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  NIFAST maintains an outstanding (and growing) library of fire safety answers and information. An important part of NIFAST's Mission is ensuring that businesses and individuals seeking fire safety information can readily find it. There are many ways to learn about fire safety, and we strive to make learning accessible in many different formats. Here are a few resources available to you:


Get answers quickly through NIFAST:
  • NIFAST home office: 4125 East Kirk Road, Suite 5, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
  • Phone: 1-877-347-3702 for 24 hour hotline support.
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  • Our fire safety blog: updated frequently with up-to-date information about the NIFAST initiative.


Browse our helpful statistics, or head to any of our community partners web pages for detailed information about their education and mission.


NIFAST supports and believes in the importance of online marketing to gain connections within our community. Connect with us at:


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