Fire Safety and Training

  The NIFAST organization offers a multitude of training and testing opportunities for fire safety training and education in the residential and commercial population. Through our forty years of service in the fire protection industry, and with our relevant team of expert service providers, we offer OSHA compliant training courses and customized classroom and on-site training to replace/enhance your existing fire-safe practices.

Our classroom and on-site certification programs are offered in a variety of formats, each tailored to a particular fire safety category or common circumstance. Our request for on-site training range from proper fire extinguisher use to train-the-trainer programs.

Our NIFAST certification programs are the gold standard in the fire protection industry. NIFAST combines modern training methods into easily understandable coursework and subsequent testing, that exceed the recommendations of NFPA and all government guidelines. Our trainers adhere to this extra level of stringent standards in all our internal and external training.

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Fire Safety

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