Meet the Director: Terry Flanagan

  Our NIFAST instructors are trained by a Federally Certified Level III instructor. This train-the-trainer approach has allowed us to adhere to all code and safety guidelines, and allowed us to follow an extra stringent set of guidelines as set forth by the National Institute of Fire and Safety Training.

Meet Our Director: Terry Flanagan

Terry Flanagan is NIFAST’s Director of Education and Certification, and has over 32 years of experience in the fire protection and safety field. Terry is a graduate of the Air Force Technical Training Instructor Course. Terry’s certifications include:

Federal Certifications:

- Fire Instructor I, II, III
- Fire Inspector I, II
- Fire Officer I
- Fire Investigator I, II
- Fire Fighter I, II
- Driver Operator ARFF
- Driver Operator Pumper
- Airport Firefighter
- DOT Hazardous Material Awareness

State Certifications:

- Fire Extinguishers
- Pre Engineered Systems OTW

International Fire Service Accreditation Congress, Oklahoma State University (IFSAC) Certifications :

- Fire Instructor III
- Fire Investigator II
- Fire Officer I
- Fire Inspector II

Nationally Registered through the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (NBFSPQ) as:

- Fire Instructor III
- Fire Investigator
- Fire Officer I
- Fire Inspector II

While serving as a United States Air Force firefighter for over 22 years, Terry performed a myriad of duties including hose man, pump operator, fire inspector, Assistant Chief of Operations, and Fire Instructor. Throughout his career, he conducted numerous fire safety training sessions and organized classes and demonstrations during fire prevention week.

Terry consistently leads the creation of new fire protection programs for NIFAST. . In 1986, he was selected to develop and implement the first wartime firefighter training course. This week-long course for active duty National Guard and Reserve Firefighters was recognized as instrumental in a firefighter’s successful completion of their mission in Desert Storm.


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