NIFAST is conducting "Fire Extinguisher TRAIN-THE-TRAINER" courses.

Class size limited to 10 people to to insure quality. Contact or  at 216.214.4261 to reserve your spot today!

NIFAST Fire Extinguisher Trainer Class

Where: 3486 East Dublin-Granville Road, Columbus Ohio, 43081
Dates: 8am - 5pm May 16th 2019, and September 12th 2019

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Service and Recharge Program

Where: Columbus, OH
Dates: 8am - 5pm June 19th to June 21st 2019

Cost: $500.00 per student
Early Bird Special: $400.00 per student, must pay 30 days prior to class
Type of Training: Academic and Hands on
Type Evaluation: Written and Practical
Upon Completion you will receive: Certificate, Power points, and Lesson plan
Instructor name and telephone #: Terry Flanagan 216-214-4261
Special Instructions: Dress casual. Jeans are ok, live fire can get messy
Lunch is provided
Minimum Class Size: 4 students. Maximum size: 10 students to insure quality of training
Pre-requisites: Individuals must be able to:
  • Teach and present to various sized groups of audiences
  • Download information provided from thumb drive to computer and use power points
Contact via Email: Email for more information or to schedule

Upon Completion you will be able to:

  1. Teach an informative fire extinguisher training class incorporating all  types of extinguishers.
  2. Conduct a safe, professional and comprehensive fire extinguisher  class including live fires
  3. Explain course criteria and different types of fires.
  4. Effectively evaluate student’s retention of the knowledge.
  5. Describe actions to take in the event of a fire in the workplace and home.

Each student receives personal tips on teaching, two PowerPoint programs, and a written lesson plan.